Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study – 2016

Promotional Products Work!

The ASI Ad Impressions Study was first launched in 2006 by ASI’s research team to give our members powerful data that proves what we already know – that ADVERTISING SPECIALTIES are one of the most high-impact, cost-effective advertising mediums around.

Thousands of in-person and online interviews have been conducted with businesspeople and students in key cities around North America, Canada, Europe and Australia . These interviews have been used to gauge the reach of these products, consumers’ perceptions of promotional products, their influence on buying decisions and their influence on the perception of the advertiser.

Product Popularity: U.S. consumers were asked which promotional products they currently owned. Promotional items were defined as items that include pens, T-shirts, drinkware, calendars or any items that have an advertiser’s logo on them. They are usually given away free by companies to consumers.

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PPAI Buyer Study – April 2014

A study of Ad Agencies and Advertisers: A Study of their buying habits, preferences and level of satisfaction with promotional products. Some of the key findings were:

  • 8 in 10 Agencies and Advertisers buy promotional products from promotional consultants, which are considered part of the team by 41% across both groups
  • Agencies are more likely to consider their promotional products provider as part of their team (61%), suggesting that promotional products consultants would benefit from team (61%), suggesting that promotional products consultants would benefit from approaching agencies to establish partnerships
  • Price, design/function and preferences were the top drivers in the use of promotional products for Agencies and Advertisers
  • Apparel was the category of promotional products most often purchased in the last 12 months by both Agencies and Advertisers

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The Influence of Promotional Products on Consumer Behavior – November 2012

Promotional products have a high reach and potential for top-of-mind recall and are an excellent medium to increase and sustain brand awareness Unaided brand recall is a brand strength indicator as it depends on strength and organization of memories and their accessibility. It is affected by:

  • Interference of other product information
  • Time since last exposure
  • The number and type of external retrieval cues

Promotional products can be used to minimize time gaps in exposure occasions and provide external cues to help brand recall. They should be provided on a regular basis, have a clear connection to the brand, and should be relevant to the consumer.

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